Arc is founded by Carl Faure (Founder of Stretch London) and Calli Popham. Both Senior Yoga Teachers who have co- created and facilitated Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats all over the globe for the last 8 years. 


Carl & Calli have a modern approach to yoga. Their 'style' is forward thinking, playful, fluid and inspired by their passion for intelligent movement and an accessible, non-dogmatic yoga practise. 


arc is the digital offering of all that they

do and love.


"Our yoga practise should feel like coming home to ourselves. A place of remembering and reconnecting to the innate wisdom of our bodies. We are all unique, one off masterpieces, therefore it is important to recognise that one shape doesn't fit all. This is why Carl and I are so passionate about bottom up processing and feeling rather than thinking our way through our movement practise" - Calli