The Arc in 'arc' comes from Archipelago. A geographical term pertaining to a large number of scattered islands, appearing in separation and isolated between the frothing waves, but under the surface they are the same mass, the same ground. Like the islands we are made of the same earth, we are all nature and are often connected in invisible ways. 


Within this online container we aim to do more than simply share an hours vinyasa class, we want to do more than simply share our knowledge and techniques - we are here to hold space and create an online community, where you can come and be as you are, a space to unravel, connect and truly be seen and held within the group field. This is a sacred space of magic co-creation, in which by simply being here and showing up, we all play a part. 


Because life has its cycles, in nature and in culture and we have learnt to recognise the need to retreat and regroup once in a while. It makes us stronger.

The on demand element of each season will be available until the following season starts, so there will always be an opportunity to move and connect.